In Stuart Weitzman sale website, in addition to 5050, with 5050 is very similar, also have a few at nearly half-price sale, many of the fans love to follow suit and unknown conditions are mistakenly thought is the 5050 price.Today will give everybody to science once these a few, and the difference of knee high Stuart Weitzman Shoes For Sale boots, concrete comparative information below the form:
5050: the boot is hot with very long legs 5050, currently Stuart Weitzman website there are three kinds of leather, respectively is glossy Black leather (Black Nappa as shown above) and suede (color choice very much) and a metallic (Cheap Stuart Weitzman Shoes) Nocturn.5050 knee-high boots boots drum show calf thin is also because the rear of the cylinder is elastic material of boots, boots barrel can be fully wrapped legs at the same time avoid ankle repeatedly in wear.General boots, put on a winter repeatedly, ankle will become wrinkled and smooth the skin also becomes a horizontal stripes appear ugly unceasingly.And 5050 is just to avoid the embarrassment.5050 with high is 0.75 inches (? Inch) contract 19 mm, no matter you will not wear high heels can easily manage, outbreak feet wearing shopping at work has won't pain.Shoes made oval head office Stuart Weitzman sale close, won't injustice toes.
But here small make up remind the petite girl, the knee-length high Stuart Weitzman Shoes For Sale boots tube is about 19 inches tall, contract 48 cm.Although it showed high show thin, but for small lovely girl, control the bad easily brings negative effect.The small girl?
The boot is loved by many European and American actress, the earliest women's private servers collocation by many paparazzi reported, including Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) Angelina Jolie (Stuart Weitzman sale), and so on can be seen in the figure of 5050 knee boots.Later fashion bloggers network reds started following wear at home and abroad, let the boot was welcomed by the unprecedented, everyone is at it "legs are long and thin legs, have star aura".
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